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Welcome to RTN.Media

Information overload is at an all time high.

To make the most of this opportunity, entities must have systems, processes and the means for growth in place. RTN.Media curates the brand in its entierty; we first integrate, begin to automate then cultivate the brands story; while communicating the message in the most visually compelling manner possible.

-------------    Systems Implementation  +  operations management  +  full service marketing firm

Below is an overview of what it takes to run your business effectively online in 2020. RTN Media Group has developed a proprietary solution to implement marketing and advertising automation to your business. Schedule a time to discuss our process and to see if we are a good fit. Keep in mind, we are only offering this to one client per city.

We're on a mission.
Integrating Systems. Steamlining Operations. Scaling your business.

With RTN you get strategy from long term prior successes. This is a business by design. Built by owners of other successful entities, we incorporate our propriatery strategies and EOS methods for growth. Our models have allowed us to implement a framework for our clients to organize, systematize and prepare for growth as we paint the creative traditional M&A along the way. RTN is here to help out organizations by implementing a streamlined sales, marketing and advertising approach. We will gather data from the systems using integration and automations that will segment and tag customers to appropriate positions within your sales process and send them timely notification through email and text.

Proven Saas technology combined with Eos methods equates to freeing up time by automating redundant tasks.

Streamline and simplify tasks using an intuitive suite of apps and web services. Manage your customers, organize a sales pipeline and automate response sequences.
Data Driven Advertising is the natural progression of data collection of your customers. This allows you to invest in your future by Choosing the customers you want. Build a cash machine that allows the business to operate predictably and consistently.

Scope of Services

We just want to give you a little taste of what we offer, not the whole shebang, but just a sweet, savory sample upon to indulge yourself up.

+ Strategy


Stretegic Planning

Brand Positioning & Messaging

Brand Story Telling

Customer Research

Pain Point Audits

White Space Analysis

Abt (Always Be Testing)

Persona & Journey Mapping

Digital Maturity Index


+ Content / Creative


Campaign Development

Brand Identity Design

Video Content

White Papers


Organic & Paid Social Media Content

+ MarTech N' AdTech


Marketing Automation

Data Management and Strategy

Precision Targeting

Campaign Optimization

Lead Generation / Nurturing,
Conversion Management,
Analytics Measurement

CRM, Digital, Programmatic,
& Social Media Planning
and Buying

E-mail Marketing

Custom Audits / Reporting

Seo, Sem, Ppc

+ Sales Processes


Sales Process Audit

Hiring and Training

Customer Service

Environmental Audit

Sales Process Design

Sales Process Implementation

Goal Tracking





+ UI / UX


Website Design & Development

Application Design

Process Design

Systems Design

-------------    Our Work

A showcase of a few of our clients.

Arizona Christian University
RTN Media provided a multitude of services over consecutive years to Arizona Christian University including, sales process, business strategy, and all facets of digital marketing, and was directly responsible for building out ACU's internal marketing team.

Tectonic Engineering
RTN Media provided a multitude of graphic design services, media services, and relations.

Dent Vanish
RTN Media provided a multitude of services to Dent Vanish, including all operations processes, systems integrations, digital advertising, and sales process coordination.

Skaled Solutions
Skaled Solutions - a Assets, Strategy and Management company enlisted RTN.Media to implement its own internal systems, which roll into Skaled's portfolio of companies.

First Class Autobody
RTN Media provided systems integrations / replaced legacy systems for First Class Autobody, in addition to managing all of First Class's digital assets.

RTN Media provided a multitude of services to Ultimate Wheel and Tire a premier off road and full service bespoke automotive design shop, specializing in high line exotic / ultra exotic vehicles. RTN.Media handles UWT's systems, design, and all facets of marketing.

Land Mark West
RTN Media provided a multitude of services to Land Mark West / Shiloh including design and brand development

Supermarket Tech
RTN Media provided design and branding services, as well as strategy to STS a premier design firm servicing clients such as whole foods, morton williams and other large chain stores.

Contact Information

4321 E Pinchot Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85018

(480) 273-1795